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Moving is often considered one of the most stressful events in life. It's stressful enough without having to worry about the high cost of moving. This is even more important if you are on a tight budget.Below, we've put together a few ways to help you make a cost-effective move.

Move cheaply: What you need to know about the price

Understanding the pricing factors is key so that you can move cheaply and reduce the overall cost of the move. When you know how companies determine their bid price, you can see the areas where you can save money. The cost of moving depends on a few factors:

  • The total volume of your property
  • The distance between yokjnjnjnj ur old home and your new home
  • Accessibility of your property
  • Time of your move
  • Additional services you request (e.g., special moving boxes, packing your belongings)

Based on these price factors, we can identify some areas where you can save money. If you reduce the volume of items, plan your move intelligently, and forgo certain services, then you can move cheaply. This will be explained in detail in the next section.

How much do moves cost?

The following table shows the average costed of moving a 3-bedroom house over 50 kilometers.

Transportation cost for 1×20’ container/ or moving of 30 cbm within city:

Origin – DestinationCost
Khi – KhiPKR   20,000
Lhr – LhrPKR   20,000
Isb – IsbPKR   20,000
Khi – IsbPKR   100,000
Khi – LhrPKR   100,000
Isb – LhrPKR   20,000
A:Moving company– Loading, transport, unloading of your removal goods
B:Packing– professional packing and unpacking of your furniture and itemsA+B+D =  PKR 20,000-25,000 (depends on number of packers and days)
C:Packaging material– Cardboard boxes, padding material, adhesive tape, padding paper and covering material (if proper packing material and proper packing is done)PKR 50,000
D:Assembly and disassembly– Dismantling of furniture and preparation for transport– Reconstruction in the new home (if it is referring to re-assembling of furniture items the cost is included in B)
E:Storage– Use of a storage room for one month for 30 cbm25,000 PKR / m³
F:Cleaning– professional cleaning service for the whole house Suggestion is to hire professional but• If it is done by company thenPKR 10,000 – 15,000
Total3 bedroom house moving costsPKR 105,000 – 115,000 (without transportation cost)
In the above example of a three bedroom move, there is the potential to save more money on movers, packing services and materials, and storage costs. There are also other ways to lower the overall price of moving that we will share with you.

Move cheaply: Lower your moving costs by comparing quotes

With all the costs associated with moving – such as real estate agent fees, brokerage fees, security deposits, and buying necessary items for your new home – you’re probably looking for ways to save as much money as possible. One of the biggest expenses is using movers; this is something you can easily lower if you find the right moving company. Cheap moves are made easier by comparing multiple quotes.

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How to make a cheap move

With an understanding of how moving companies calculate their prices, you can identify specific areas where you have potential savings. With that in mind, here are a few tips to keep your moving costs down.

Move cheaply: Do some decluttering

Since volume is one of the main factors in pricing, the fewer items you bring with you, the cheaper your move will be. Take a look at each of your items and consider if you’ve used it in the past year, if it’s useful, or if it’s good luck. Give your unneeded items to friends, recycle them, or donate them to someone they will be more useful to.

Move cheaply: Sell your old stuff

Another option for the items you have deemed unnecessary is to sell them, either at a car trunk sale or online. If you can somehow make money during this time, then your situation is even better. You can use the extra money you make from selling your old items to pay for moving expenses, or to make your new house feel more like home!

Move cheaply: Pack all your own things if possible

Or at least try to pack as much as possible yourself. Ask willing friends and family to help pack, as this will certainly speed up the process. Say thank you with, for example, pizza! Since moving companies charge extra for their packing services, packing your items by yourself is one of the best ways to keep your move inexpensive.

Move cheaply: Alternative sources for packing materials

Instead of buying packing boxes from moving companies, there are other places you can find these materials at cheaper prices or even for free!

Ask your neighbors, friends, family, or at your workplace for boxes that aren’t needed, or go to your local store or supermarket. Use recyclable materials such as newspapers or even linens and clothing for paper packing. Check sites like Freecycles; someone may have stopped by there to get rid of some boxes.

A recent trend is renting plastic boxes made from recyclable plastic from businesses. You pack your items in these boxes, have them transported to your new home and picked up after use. Their prices are competitive and it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to using cardboard and making plastic waste.

Move cheaply: The right timing

Start contacting companies and book early, as moving specialists typically charge more for last-minute requests. You’ll have more time to plan and budget accordingly, reducing the risk of unexpected expenses.
Book your moving day during off-peak hours. Avoid weekends, holidays and the first and last days of the month. Moving season is in full swing between May and September, so if possible, move outside of these months.

Move cheaply: Take advantage of partial load rates

If you’re moving long distances or overseas, consider part-load shipping. Although you’ll have to share cargo space and wait a little longer for your shipments, you’ll save a significant amount on transportation costs.

Move cheaply: Take advantage of partial load rates

Comparing moving quotes from multiple companies allows you to see the best price and a range of services that meet your needs. Fill out our no-obligation request form and receive up to 6 moving quotes. You will thus be able to compare quotes, making it easier for you to identify the moving company with the most value for your money.

Provide as much information as possible when speaking with moving companies, so they can provide you with the most detailed cost breakdown possible and save you the unpleasant surprise of additional costs in the future. If you are planning to move abroad, read more about what international moves cost.

Other ways to save money when moving

Aside from cheap moves, there are other aspects of moving where you can save money. These deal with either tasks before or after your big moving day and range from dealing with utility companies to negotiations.

  • Check your change dates with utilities:

    If your move date doesn’t align perfectly with your billing cycle, you may be better off cutting your service early.
    It might be difficult to live without what’s important for a few days – yes, even wifi! – but you’ll save money by avoiding an extra month of coverage you won’t use.

  • Switch suppliers:

    Take advantage of the opportunity to find new energy suppliers. Just because you’re moving to a new place doesn’t mean you should stay with your current utilities.
    Look for different providers to see if there are better deals available.

  • Change your address:

    Inform the necessary people about your change of address in a timely manner. This includes registering with the municipality of your new area to pay the municipal tax, as well as with your energy suppliers. Additionally, register to vote, as this will improve your credit score.
    It’s a good idea to redirect your mail so you don’t miss bills.

  • Use or donate your food:

    If you have a refrigerator and freezer full of food, make sure you consume it. Start planning meals early so you don’t have to throw anything away before or during your moving day.
    If you have non-perishable food that you can’t use up in time, donate it to charitable organizations. That way, you’ll be helping those in need and not wasting food.

  • Ask your company for moving help:

    In situations where you are moving for work, check with your employer to see if they offer moving assistance. This can be anything from extra time off to help you move to your new home, up to a certain amount to help offset moving expenses.

  • Negotiate:

    Even if you feel you don’t have the best negotiating skills, nevertheless, but it never hurts to negotiate prices. Real estate agents, movers, appraisers, and even moving companies – identify all the ways you can save, negotiate their fees, and you could get a substantial discount.

  • Keep track of your expenses after your move:

    Remember, your frugal efforts shouldn’t stop once you’ve completed your move! The period immediately after your move can be characterized by high expenses.

    Cleaning the house, stocking the fridge and pantry, buying new furniture and appliances, and other myriad purchases – all these costs can add up.

    Resist the temptation to splurge and instead find creative ways to save and find cost-effective solutions. For example, look for an inexpensive, classic dining table that will match your new home perfectly with a quick coat of paint!

    Or perhaps you could try making homemade cleaning products; this is cheaper than buying traditional products and is much more environmentally friendly.

Relocate and move cheaply

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