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International removals are becoming more and more popular. Are you ready to move abroad? Here you will find useful tips and information about the prices, processes and other details associated with international removals.

Find out what international removals cost

International moves are no longer impossible. The biggest cost to you when moving abroad is the price for the moving company. Although there are a number of factors that influence the price, the following are particularly relevant:

The size of the move:

The more items you take with you, the higher the price, because it depends, among other things, on the weight and size of the items.

The distance:

The further away the destination, the higher the transport costs.

The transport route:

Some transport routes are more common than others, which means that they are usually cheaper due to higher competition and equipment.

This is how you keep the costs of international removals low

Due to long distances, transport methods and many other factors that influence the cost of moving, international moves are very expensive.
However, thanks to a quick price inquiry, you will be able to minimize the cost of an international move. Within a minute you will be in contact with global moving companies who will make you the best offer to suit your individual needs.

International removals

The fastest way to transport goods is by air freight, but the costs are significantly higher than those of land or sea freight. The cheapest mode of transport is moving by ship, but with this method it takes significantly longer for your goods to arrive at their destination. Depending on where you are moving, moving overland is a sensible middle ground, as this type of transport could be comparatively quite inexpensive but can take more time.

How expensive is a moving company when moving internationally?

International removals consist of three main components:
  • collection
  • transport
  • delivery
Each stage takes place at different points in the move and each requires different, specific steps. For more useful tips, we recommend that you create a moving checklist that will help you organize the move.

The logistics of your move

This part includes any form of packaging service that you have ordered, as well as loading the removal goods. Your belongings are either loaded onto a vehicle and transported directly to their destination or loaded onto a ship or flight container.

Depending on the level of service you request, there are different packing options offered by international moving companies.

Complete packaging

This is a comprehensive packaging service that includes everything you would like to move with. Professional removal workers receive training on all aspects of packing and wrapping removal goods to ensure that they are protected as well as possible during the entire transport process.

Packing fragile items

Some items are delicate and tend to break quickly. Special packaging methods or special protective materials are required for them. Fragile items such as china, glass, lamps or paintings are carefully packed so that they are completely safe.

Special requirements

Particularly large or heavy objects such as pianos or safes can only be transported sensibly by specialists with special knowledge and equipment. In order to transport such objects, a particularly large number of moving helpers or special equipment are required to ensure that the objects are not damaged during transport.

The transport

Depending on the destination and your budget, you can choose between very different methods of transporting your belongings.

Air freight

Sending your removal goods as air freight always makes sense if the move should be completed as quickly as possible. However, air freight is the most expensive mode of transport, so that the cost-benefit ratio is usually unfavorable, especially when transporting many objects.

Overland transport

With this method, your removal goods are brought to their destination in transport trolleys. You have the choice between a full transport and a partial transport.

Full transport

This type of transport is particularly suitable for larger removals where a large number of items have to be moved. You pay for a transport vehicle that brings your removal goods directly to your new home.

Partial transport

With this type of transport, you share a transport vehicle with other customers. This is cost-effective because you actually only pay for the storage space that you actually use. However, this method often takes longer because the transport vehicle has to drive to different destinations and load and unload the relocation goods there.

Ocean freight

Sea freight is the cheapest way of transporting removal goods across national borders. However, this type of transport takes by far the longest, depending on the transport route and various other factors. When it comes to ocean freight, you have three different options to choose from.

FCL (Full Container Load)

You pay for a 20-40 foot (approx. 6-12 m) container in which you can store all of your removal goods. This container is then transported to the destination country and all customs matters are taken care of for you. The container is then transported to your new home. This method is recommended if you are planning a particularly large move with many articles and objects.

LCL (Less than Container Load)

Your belongings are stored in a furniture box for removals, which is then stowed in a container in which the removal goods of other companies and private customers are. This service is carried out by a partner company and is significantly cheaper than FCL.


In addition to transporting the removal goods to your new home, delivery includes unloading and unpacking the individual items.

After the container has arrived at its destination, your removal goods will be brought to your new home by land. Depending on the service you have chosen, the removal goods are then unloaded and unpacked in the room assigned to them.

For larger distances, your moves will be carried out by professional moving companies internationally. This is particularly practical because it allows you to focus all of your time and energy on aspects of the move that are important to you. This includes, for example, looking for a new job, getting used to life in a new, big city or simply enjoying the Mediterranean sun at your new place of residence.

The right insurance coverage for international removals

Regardless of whether a move is to be carried out internationally or in the same quarter, sensible insurance cover is always highly recommended. Since international removals take place over long distances and many sometimes incalculable factors play a role, it is imperative to have fully comprehensive insurance coverage. Although a forwarding company often offers limited strict liability, this usually does not cover the full value of the goods to be moved. In order to be better protected, we recommend that you take out removal insurance for your removal goods, which will reimburse you for the value as new or the current value of your belongings in the event of loss or damage.

List of the value of belongings

To do this, you have to decide which items you will take with you on the move and record them together with their value in a list, which you will then include in your move insurance . In this way, you can confirm the condition and value of the goods in transit before they go on a journey. If you have to make claims after the transport, you have a limited time window. How big this time window is depends on the respective insurer. We therefore urgently advise you to clarify the conditions of the insurance precisely and to make claims as soon as possible if necessary.

Which items should be insured when moving?

To keep the cost of insurance down, you should first make a selection of items that you want to insure. An item that would be difficult to replace in your new place of residence should be insured. It is also crucial to choose an insurer whose offers are tailored to your individual needs. If moving internationally has prices and costs that seem high, you may end up paying for things that you don’t necessarily need. Many moving companies offer insurance, but you don’t have to limit yourself to this, you can also use third-party providers.

With the right moving company, international moves are a breeze

“What does an international move cost” you ask yourself? If you are looking for a moving company for your move to another country, we recommend a comprehensive comparison of providers. This allows you to choose the provider that suits you and save money at the same time – which is particularly worthwhile for expensive international moves. Fill out the form, receive up to 6 offers and save up to 40%.

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