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Our Mission is simple:to simplify excellence through our powerful platform, shaping success stories for our customers and Users alike

Our goal is to perfect every aspect, extending beyond the moving industry to enhance all facets of your operations. We foresee a future where technology not only supports but also evolves to ensure exceptional performance.

At Movd We're not just a company We're your Growth Partners

We’re not just in the business of moving and storage; we’re in the business of building success stories, and your journey matters to us.

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Our values

At MOVD, we’re unique because of our values. It’s not just what we do, but how we do it that makes us stand out. Our principles shape who we are, making our approach to moving and storage different in the best way possible


Client Dedication





Movd - where every move matters.

I was born into a family of adventurers - free-spirited problem-solvers who pay close attention to detail as the world spins on its axis. We all know logistics makes the world go round, but here at Movd, we believe holistic solutions makes the world go round even smoother!


Tabish Raza – Founder

With Movd we are combining generational expertise with cutting edge technology, with our roadmap including Artificial Intelligence and blockchain so you can  move your client’s possessions with ease , while we take care of the heavy lifting.

The way I see it, the last true revolution in the logistics industry was the introduction of containers. Now from cold storage innovations to green energy evolutions, the world has become more efficient and interconnected – and we’ve only just begun. With Movd, by eliminating paperwork, automating and digitizing supply chain management, we are propelling towards a digital, logistics and information revolution.

Healthy competition between companies is important to keep our industry efficient and innovating. At Movd we believe healthy cooperation is just as important, and with technology, we have many opportunities to cooperate and build more streamlined operations, together.

In that pursuit, my desire for Movd is to become the hub for the logistics world to come together. 

We believe strong relationships are at the core of every success. This is why we are working closely with our industry partners, building our core in collaboration with our stakeholders. Our goal is to build dynamic solutions that connect dots across the world, while solving for key inefficiencies and creating evolving opportunities for all. 

So while you look forward to your next adventure, you can rest assured that Movd has your back. We are carrying the torch of care, one move at a time.

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