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The complete move management solution for everyone

Movd offers an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform designed exclusively for the residential and commercial moving and storage industry. Simplify your operations, automate tasks, cut labor costs, reduce errors, and enhance customer support with our powerful freight-forwarding software.


MOVD Journey

MOVD: The Smart Move for Your Moving Business

At MOVD, we redefine the way you experience moves. Our comprehensive moves optimization software is designed to simplify the complexities of relocations, making every move a seamless and efficient process

Acquire and initiate leads

Our algorithms help you analyze customer behaviors and preferences for potential leads & identify reasons for your lead loss. This means you can focus on what’s most important – your business.


MOVD enables surveyors to create accurate estimates through fast insertion and automatic volume calculation of items. Our CRM system guarantees reliability, integrating survey data seamlessly into move files for detailed and comprehensive planning.


MOVD enables you to extract information from surveys and create customized quotations. It offers moving companies the flexibility to utilize our default templates or devise customized ones for quotations to be sent to the client. In the event of client rejection, the lead is either considered lost or is revised according to the client’s feedback.


Our user-friendly software consolidates handy reminders, task lists, timelines, inventory lists, weight certificates, bingo sheets, and appraisal forms offering a consolidated overview of the packing process.


MOVD provides a comprehensive solution for route planning, crew management, and real-time tracking. Our software guarantees smooth coordination through instant updates and integration with mobile calendars, ensuring everyone stays informed

Complete the Move

MOVD provides customers with instant delivery notifications via paperless automation. Gather customer feedback, earn recognition, and emerge as a winner in the moving game!

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Customer Relationship Management

Effortlessly manage customer data through MOVD’s intuitive 360-degree view, seamlessly integrating advanced CRM functionalities. This streamlines inquiries, complaints, and service requests, elevating satisfaction and fostering lasting customer loyalty.

Operations Management

From surveys and packing to warehouse and inventory management, our software streamlines processes, cuts labor costs, reduces errors, and optimizes resource allocation for enhanced profitability. It enables you to manage your end-to-end moves, from lead acquisition through the pipeline to confirmed bookings and delivery.

Move Management

Use MOVD’s auto-fill or customizability features to upload or create documents within our platform such as survey forms, quotations, inventory lists, weight certificates, appraisal forms, BOLs, AWBs, etc. This cohesive approach ensures visibility, transparency, and seamlessness throughout the moving journey.

Inventory Management

MOVD helps you efficiently manage the necessary inventory and precise cost calculations for each move. It helps improve the overall efficiency of your move management process by actively tracking current inventory levels and issuing timely alerts for low stock or service reminders.

Multiple Dashboards

Each MOVD user account has a dedicated dashboard and granulated access for thorough shipment and document tracking. Benefit from direct updates and timely notifications for any shipment changes, ensuring an efficient and organized experience. This tailored approach contributes to a smoother and more transparent moving process for each client, partner, or collaborator.

Real-Time Customer Support & Issue Resolution

As a MOVD user, you can monitor the performance of our software in real-time. If any usability issues or bugs arise, rest assured that our support team is equipped to address them promptly, ensuring a seamless experience for you.


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Customer Support

Accounting to keep you moving forward*

Experience financial precision like never before. Trust MOVD for your financial management needs, and let every transaction reflect the excellence your business deserves.



MOVD handles vendor invoices, payments, and aging reports seamlessly, ensuring you’re always on top of your payables.



Maintain a detailed record of your invoices and quotations with our intuitive invoice and quotation list features.



Stay updated on receivables, monitor payment schedules, and maintain healthy customer relationships.



Manage all your financial transactions efficiently and generate precise financial statements whenever you need them.



Our system helps you reconcile bank accounts, manage cash balances effectively, and process bank transactions seamlessly.



MOVD assists you in managing fixed assets, tracking depreciation over time, and handling disposals efficiently.

*Feature coming soon

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